Hyperperformant, secure and eco-friendly MQTT hosting

FlashMQ – the free, open source MQTT server – was born out of an itch, its tight C++ code artisanly crafted from the ground up, and its breakthrough performance stress-tested under the heaviest MQTT messaging loads.

We offer a secure, managed hosting service for what we're not hesitant to call the best MQTT server software in the world.

Coming Q1 2023
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FlashMQ's tight, asynchronous C++ code outperforms the competition by an order of magnitude, without breaking a sweat, or at least without generating as much excess heat as its power-hungry predecessors.

How fast FlashMQ is has to be seen to be believed. (Or so we believe. ;-))

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Stability is as important as performance. FlashMQ achieves its remarkable stability through clean code following C++ best practices, as well as thorough, aggressive testing. Protocol stability and memory safety are scrutinized using American Fuzzy Lop. Test methods are well-documented and open to public review.
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Besides the outstanding C++ memory management discipline which protects the free, open source FlashMQ software from buffer overruns and exploits, our battle-hardened system administrators keep the FlashMQ servers hosted with us secure—at the highest patch-level, and with continuous (24x7) monitoring.
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MQTT has emerged at the standard wire format for IoT-related messaging. It's a lightweight protocol that can be implemented with a small CPU and memory footprint in embedded systems. With FlashMQ, MQTT now also has a lightweight option for the server side, with full support for the latest version of the protocol: MQTT version 5.
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FlashMQ is fully free—free as in speech as well as free as in beer—and its entire source code is available under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. As such, you are free to change the program and host it yourself. All the GPL requires is that, if you release your changes, you do so under the same liberal license, to pass the a nearly perfect heart made of two arcs and a right angle forward.
Inefficient software translates to needless power consumption, which in turn translates to a higher fossil fuel demand. Whether particular Watts are “green” and “renewable” or not, wasted electricy cannot be reused for something else.

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FlashMQ can scale with your growing (or even shrinking) needs. And, unlike it competitors, FlashMQ performance scales linearly with the server resources that are made available to it.

Our hosting service is billed monthly or annually, but you can change your subscription whenever you want. If you upgrade in the middle of a period, we will credit the remainder of that period and only bill the new subscription.

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Coming Q1 2023

Customer-tailored services for
a smooth adaptation

Every customer is unique. And some MQTT deployments may require tailor-made adjustments to fit your unique IT infrastructure. Whether you need FlashMQ to be seemlessly integrated with your existing single-sign-on system, your legacy monitoring system, or your time-series database of choice, we are here to help.

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For FlashMQ installations that are hosted with us, authentication and authorization are easy to set up in the dashboard. We offer a user-friendly interface to flexibly restrict access to MQTT topics by user or group. Both single-level (+) and multi-level (#) topic wildcards are supported, as per the MQTT spec. On top of that, topic patterns can be used to grant access to topics with the connecting client's client ID or username in one of the topic levels (like in heartrate/%u/bpm).

If you have other authentication needs (such as single sign-on integration), our engineers will be happy to set up a custom authentication plugin for you. Custom authentication plugins will be fully configurable through your private dashboard.

Besides the development of custom authentication plugins, our team can also vet third-party authentication plugins written by you or somebody else. Vetted plugins too are fully configurable through the dashboard. Note that new versions of third-party plugins will have to be re-vetted before they become available through the dashboard.

Our services—from plugin development to training—are not limited to customers of our managed FlashMQ hosting service. We are just as willing to help you with your self-hosted FlashMQ deployments.

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Tell us what you need from FlashMQ, and an actual engineer will respond to your inquiry with an estimate. When we need more information for our estimate, we will tell you what information we need. We believe in simple, clear, open communication.

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